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The ebook EUROTHENTICA is part of the EU funded project DIVERTIMENTO. Greece, Italy, Spain, Slovenia, Romania, Bulgaria and Turkey create an authentic storytelling in 70 places with motion, emotion and imagination. EUROTHENTICA is calling for legendary journeys, memory places, cultural sensations, culinary discoveries, games and adventures. In the reign of the unexpected a brave, new world emerges at your fingertips.

Curiosity lifts the veil.

Eurothentica ebook is distributed in both formats: Apple iBooks, compatible with iOS devices and downloadable from iBooks store (icon on the bottom left) and ePub 3, compatible with the major readers on Windows and Android (icon on the bottom right). Windows and Android users must download the favorite reader, if not already installed, before assign the book file. According with our performances and compatibility tests we suggest ADOBE Digital Edition and Gitden.

ITALY - Looking for Myths

Frederick II Hohenstaufen: Governance as Culture

Our purpose is to travel through a magnifying glass and look for a new experience and taste. Ten places in the south of Italy are filling the gap left by Goethe, who, shipping from Naples to Palermo, cut out of his Journey one of the most ancient parts of Italy, rich in history, heritage and culture. But this heritage is an incredible container of stories, myths, and traditions. In front of myths, the starting point of the discovery, young and old are in the same mood. Enriched with texts, pictures, animations and audiovisuals, our myths are deeply imaginary, as myths are. The red thread on our map leads to ten places, the pearls in the necklace, connected in one journey, using fantasy as fuel.